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Day of Mindfulness on March 7, 2020

Day of Mindfulness
Mindfulness Trainings
As Our Protection
March 7, 10 am – 3:30 pm
At Canadian Mindfulness Center
1278 St. Clair Ave W. Toronto M5E 1B9

At times, we may see the Five Mindfulness Trainings (precepts) as rules based on ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, which are being imposed on us. Yet, the trainings can also be practised as tools of liberation, based on understanding how the consequences of our actions lead to suffering or happiness. Our openness to the wisdom conveyed in the Mindfulness Trainings is based on whether we perceive them as rules or guiding means.

After reciting the Five Mindfulness Trainings together, we will have an opportunity to share our experience, insights and challenges in applying the trainings to our daily life. We will also enjoy exercises, sitting & walking meditation, lunch, total relaxation.
Please bring:

• light blanket for total relaxation
• small vegetarian dish for potluck lunch and cutlery

New friends are welcomed, please share this information with your friends.
Our practice is based on Dana, suggested donation for the day is 25$.

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Merry Christmas from MPC!

dscn1306On December 17, 2016, MPC had their Christmas party celebrating with a potluck lunch, readings, singing and games.  A good time was had by all!

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Earth Holder Commitment Pledge

Here is the EarthHolderCommitment Pledge.

We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your lifestyle and make a personal commitment to reduce your environmental impact. When contemplation and action come together in the moments of our daily life, we enrich our daily life with love, meaning and connection.


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Thich Nhat Hanh: What is Nirvana?

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